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Business frame

The conditions for sustainable growth are:

  1. excellent product lines
  2. outstanding technology
  3. solutions to satisfy future customers and
  4. market momentum.

ROWA GROUP, which has all the above elements, is the reason for sustainable growth, and ROWA GROUP is ROWA Korea's business model and the business frame it aims for.

  - A wide range of creative and flexible plastic solutions and a long history
    of technical excellence to satisfy customers worldwide for
    companies of ROWA GROUP.

ROWA LACK GmbH​​​​​​
  - Various product lines in addition to the main raw materials
    of the lacquer based on solvent currently being supplied for
    ROWA Korea.
  - Longstanding technology related to lockers to satisfy
    various needs of customers with ROWA Korea.

  - High speed production capacity to produce high quality
    lacquer products.
  - Ability to deliver systematically, quickly and safely.
  - Ability to accurately identify new customer needs and
    satisfy them quickly.

  - Sustainable growth by utilizing the world's best
    lacquers to improve product quality and satisfy customers.
  - Identify new customer needs and request ROWA Korea to
    develop new products.

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