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THE ROWA GROUP: a strong community setting standards for polymer materials.

With more than 60 years of experience in the plastics industry, the ROWA GROUP is comprised of numerous, high-performing partners: ROMIRA, ROWA Masterbatch, ROWA Lack, TRAMACO and ROWASOL.

Viewing technological challenges as opportunities – this is what the ROWA GROUP stands for. In line with our philosophy, we develop high-quality materials and product solutions for the polymer industry with commitment and passion to create products for modern living, which are safer, more efficient and better for the environment. 

The innovation potential inherent within polymer materials is fascinatingly enormous. Whether for medicine, electrical and electronic engineering, the construction industry or the world of transportation – our product developments are regularly tapping into new areas of application. The trick is to turn the incredible multitude of technical possibilities into reliable and valuable product solutions. Our experienced application engineers and process specialists are committed to tackling this challenge. Using state-of-the-art in production facilities, our employees process customized formulas and standardized first-class products. Starting with the very best in raw materials, we are thereby able to produce products for plastics processing, finishing and dyeing at the same, extraordinarily high level of quality and steadily meet the most stringent industrial standards of our customers. 

Whether commodities or specially developed products – the ROWA GROUP fills orders extraordinarily quickly and reliably. This is guaranteed by our well-coordinated, best-in-class logistics, using state-of-the-art bottling lines, finished goods stocks in efficient high bay shelve warehouses, and expert forwarding partners for delivery. Every position within the supply chain is well-oiled and interlinked. In combination with optimized production processes, our customers thereby receive a level of service which is unparalleled in terms of flexibility and economy, and which goes far beyond delivery. Even after delivery, we make it a point of being available to you for assistance with technical questions. In this way, our technicians assist you in the optimal use of our products, also on-site upon request. This makes us an ideal partner, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Synergies: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The companies within the ROWA GROUP are specialists – each with its own focus and many years of experience. Working together, we create significant advantages for our customers. Synergies which magnify our know-how and reduce costs:

  • Personal interfaces ensure short paths, uniform logistics and lean administrative structures.
  • Joint laboratories with state-of-the-art testing and measurement equipment guarantee the highest quality for every product.
  • Internal transfer of know-how promotes flexibility and creativity in new product development.
  • Special innovations by partner companies enable every company to expand its product portfolio to include interesting, cost effective combinations.

Quality assurance is the foundation of quality enhancement. Naturally, you are guaranteed to receive the greatest quality of our products and services. Quality management systems have been implemented to certify all partners according to EN DIN ISO 9001 and some sections to 14001. Our ongoing research and development work makes the ROWA GROUP an uncompromisingly reliable supplier and strong partner for innovation.

Companies of the ROWA GROUP

With more than 60 years of experience and specialized subsidiaries, ROWA Group operates globally as a partner in the plastic processing and chemical industry and offers a wide range of know-how due to its diversity.

ROWA GROUP Product Lines

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